Hiding inside Cho Kyuhyun's Evil World

    See??? We don’t have to get worked up over bad comments or haters who obviously wouldn’t ever saying good things about our boys!
    We just have to unite as one, and support Super Junior, till they kill all of those bad comments with REAL PROOF!

    There’s no need for us to curse on haters. Our main point is to support SJ in every aspects, and our goal is to show the world that OUR KINGS and SUPERMEN are BACK! Let them know that SUPER JUNIOR will NEVER DIE!

    Gahh 2nd win makes me feel sooooo grateful!!

  • ♪ MAMACITA ♪

    I’m loving this album soo muchhh!! Not only because the hugely excited feeling after boys 2-years comeback, but also because i can feel that every members put a lot of contribution on this album.

    I’m actually surprised that almost non-vocal members got quite a lot of parts in each songs. There are even adlibs from Hyuk, Hae, and HEE?!!! It’s just WOW!!

    Today, i just found out that “우린 하나로, 영원히” on Island, is actually Hee’s part?!! When i was thinking it was s Yeye’s all this time, it apparently is Hee!! Two thumbs for him!

    So, please don’t say that Kyuhyun was hogging the whole album or whatever. It’s an obvious fact that Kyuhyun and Ryeowook got more parts than others because they both are the main vocals. Since Yesung is absent for a while, they both automatically have to cover Yesung’s part. But, they didn’t hog it the whole album. If you listen to each songs carefully, you can actually hear every members did the backup vocals or even adlibs. They used to have a song that only KRY or maybe with Sungmin Donghae take part. But this album let every members take part in each songs. Even on a ballad song!

    This is the reason why i’m so proud to be SUPER JUNIOR fans! They always do every single things whole-heartedly! Great job, boyss! So proud of Super Junior!! 👍

  • Reach 8M viewers!!! 

    By the way, i would like to share my way to watch the video. I don’t know whether this would actually help the views or not, but at least i have tried and it seemed (more or less) affect to increase the views.

    I put the two version of the MVs (original and drama version) into a private playlist on my YT channel. I left the playlist auto-playing those two MVs from night till morning (i didn’t shutdown or set my computer on sleep mode or such). 

    I don’t dare to say that it works 100% but at least that’s my way to watch the MVs. Maybe you could use it too, and let’s see whether the views would increase significantly or not. n___n

    Help me to spread this. :)

  • Kim Gura teased Kyuhyun regarding SJ’s comeback result

    I know people are pissed off because Kim Gura teased Kyuhyun about SJ didn’t all kill the music charts (YET).

    I will just share my opinion on this matter.

    Few days ago, i was complaining about some immature fangirls that were offended because their idols’ scandal were brought up on Radio Star. I just hoped that Radio Star didn’t invite idol stars that have immature fangirls in the future. And i believe (more likely to hope) that SJ didn’t have immature fangirls anymore.

    Seriously, RADIO STAR is not a place that you can hear good things about your idol. It is NOT a sugar-coated talk show, in the first place. They just LOVE to bring out the most avoided topics and the most sensitive topics. 

    Maybe, some ELFs didn’t watch Radio Star often, so they didn’t know how the show’s going, and how the MC’s doing their job. As a regular viewer of this program, i honestly didn’t feel offended of what Kim Gura had said. You know, eventhough Kyuhyun was famous for his sharp-tongue, he often becomes the victim among the MCs, since he is the magnae. The other MCs teased him A LOT, like in (almost) every episodes. Even me as a kyuhyun hardcore bias, felt offended when they teased him over limit. But as the time goes by, i can understand the quality of this program. They survive for many years and earn recognitions from audiences because of this frank-somehowrude-and-heartless talk show. So, it doesn’t surprise me if Kim Gura use this topic to tease Kyuhyun. I hope you won’t think negatively toward this matter. In other words, let us just think positively when dealing with this kind of issue. 

    SJ made a comeback after two-years hiatus on group promotion. So, the expectation was so high for this comeback. And for now, the result isn’t as good as the expectation. Of course we cannot judge it right now, since they just made a comeback for two weeks. But, honestly if you compare the result from few years ago, SJ would definitely had all kill within one or two weeks of promotion. So, in this case, (maybe they think) the result of this comeback has been a quite sensitive topic for SJ and Kyuhyun as well. That is why Kim Gura used this to tease Kyuhyun. 

    If you asked me whether i feel disappointed, i would honestly say YES. Not because of what Kim Gura had said, not because SJ didn’t doing great for this comeback, for i appreciate this comeback so muchhh, even more than the comebacks they did before. I can feel the hard working and the sincerity that the boys had put into this album. I’d like to say that MAMACITA might be TOP 2 of my favorite SJ’s album so far. What makes me feel disappointed is the fact that we fight so hard to get them all kill on music charts. I know we have tried our best to bring them to the top, yet the fate didn’t seem to fulfill our wish.

    Therefore, i’m just encouraging my fellow ELFs, to put extra energy on supporting our boys, to keep our promise that we will NEVER leave them alone and will always be on their side NO MATTER WHAT other’s said, by trying to ignore bad comments and just focusing on the positive sides. And to be a mature fangirl, a new different ELF, a fanclub that earn respects from other fandoms, and a fanclub that our Super Junior boys feel proud of!! Let’s grow with Super Junior till NO END! :)

  • 아야야야야~
    DancingKyu introduces the main choreo of Super Junior’s new title song, MAMACITA, on Radio Star tonight.

  • Why Kyuhyun was missing on today’s SUKIRA?

    For those who’s asking why Kyu wasn’t on tonight’s SUKIRA, he actually is still filming Radio Star. Usually, it takes 6-8 hours to finish the filming. They even did the recording until 3 am when SJ became the guests, previously. That’s why Kyu left once he finished the performance on Show Champion. He didn’t even stay for the encore stage today.

  • SM Entertainment and the Sub-groups

    I would just rant a bit about SM Entertainment and their sub-groups. Because, i do think that some of the sub-groups are treated differently.

    Like how they treat Super Junior K.R.Y. They barely have a korean full or even a mini album like other sub-groups did. As far as i’m concerned, they only made a japanese single album, called Promise You”, with 4-5 MVs (including OSTs), so far. They didn’t get the chance to perform their singles on music shows. Sure, they held some concerts (two round of concerts to be exact, in Taiwan and Japan), but it’s not even in Korea. What about their promotion activities? Do they even have some? Don’t mention about having their own variety program (like other sub-unit from other group did), which is absolutely impossible.

    Well, Super Junior M is getting better since they will have their own variety show, called SJ-M Guest House. I’m happy for that.

    However, the way SM Ent. treats K.R.Y is just making me feel annoyed. I treasure this sub-unit so much. Hey, the three of them are the MAIN VOCALS in SJ! They sure got the vocal talents that no one could ever doubt! Plus, they are getting better on variety fields, recently. Kyuhyun has been doing very great in Radio Star, Ryeowook is getting better on SuperIdolChart, and Yesung was doing so good on Musical performances.

    And now, there are no more chances for them to shine, since Yesung will be entering the army for a while (well, this ‘a while’ takes 2 years, though). This makes me feel unfair. But still, nothing i can do.

    I’m just hoping that SM could treat every groups and sub-groups on their company, fairly. Because we all know how SM treats one group to another, unfairly.

    Last but not least, i’m writing this as my personal opinion. You may have your own thoughts. I’ll respect yours. It’s just a random rant from me, after seeing some unwanted news. No hard feelings and NO OFFENSE. :)



  • dancingkyu:


    CHOKYUHYUN!!! What’s with “AH..AH” voice??!! it sounds… WEIRD -____-

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